FishingBoat + DolphinWatching

Beginners and children are greatly welcomed

Our Special

No gear? No problem! Your rental package includes everything you need to get fishing off the boats.You just need to bring yourself, and even better with your freind family.Please enjoy fishing in Amakusa, and even tasting the best Fish ever!

Reservation required 2 days in advance
The fishing boat will be available from 2 people.(It will be charged for 2 people even if you are alone). The price is the same for adults and children. Elementary school students and under are free.In case you drop the pole, there will be Compensation obligation occurs.You can take all the fish you caught home. Good luck!

  Dolphin watching + Fishing - 2 hours 5,500yen
Tairaba - 4 hours 8,500yen
Extra charge of 1,000yen with live bait

Fisherman history 38years
Fisherman history 20years
Fisherman history 23years
Fisherman history 31years
Fisherman history 17years
Fisherman history 65years
Fisherman history 11years
Fisherman history 13years


Fishing Boat
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