Amakusa Dolphin Cruise Tourism

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Amakusa Dolphin Cruise Tourism

Dolpin Cruise

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Amakusa Dolphin Watcing Genaral Information Center

 Anakusa Dolphin Watching department


Reception Hours : 8 AM to 10 PM
Monday to Sunday / 365days
    Kindly bring and wear your face masks.
To prevent infection, You are not allowed to get on the boat without your mask.    
We appreciate your cooperation in preventing novel coronavirus disease. 

Please make right at the sign of Amakusa dolphin.

There is free parking area in front of the center.

We also have additional parkings.

By Car

Direction Time Google Map
from Matsubase I.C. About 2hour Route
 from Kumamoto City About 2hour 15min Route
   from Fukuoka City About 3hour 30min Route
from Oita City About 4hour 40min Route
 from Kagoshima City About 4hour Route
from Miyazaki City About 4hour Route


By Airplane

Direction Time Google Map
from Kumaoto Airport About 2hour 20min Route
 from Amakusa Airport About 15min Route


By Ferry

Direction Time Google Map Ferry
From Oniike Harbor
About 10min Route Ferry HP
From Ushibuka Harbor
About 1hour 15min Route Ferry HP