Q & A

Yes, you can. We depart in rain. We only cancel departing when the sea rages.  We have a roof on our boat. We provide a raincoat for free if needed.
Dolphin families usually hung out in the area, 10 minutes away from the Futae Port. However, they are free and wild. They travel far out at sea sometimes. In that case, it takes a while to find them.
Your Pet is your Family!  Please enjoy Dolphin Cruise together.

Dolphins live here all year round. You can see them in winter.  The offing gets cold. Please wear warm clothes.

We depart from 2 people. (It will be charged for 2 people even if you are alone.)

Boading is possible from 0 years old. Children under elementary school must be accompanied by a guardian.

Plese come 30 minutes before the departure time.(Plese give us a call if you fall behind)

Casual clothes are preferred.When it's windy,you might be splashed with water.We recommend shoes than high-heeled shoes.

Yes, it is possible. It depends on her condition. In case of the stormy wheather, we are afraid that we cannot accept her boarding for her safety.

There are free parking lots at Hutae Port and Dolphin Watching Tourist Terminal.

Please give us a call for the direction; (0969)33-0881.

You should receive our automatic reply mail for your confirmation. You might find it in junk mail box if you don`t receive it. Please change your settings to be able to receive a mail from us. If there is any difficulty, please contact us. 

We surely give you a call at the number you gave us on our reservation form. 

Yes, you can. Advance Reservation Preferred in case of over capacity.  You can get 10 % discount even for same day reservation. 

If we don't spot a dolphin, your next Dolphin Cruise Tour is on us! Our Dolphin sighting rates are 98%, but means that there are 2 % of bad lucks.

Please call us. We can change your departure time.

Your departure time is changeable only if you give us a call and let us know that you are late. There is no refound for a cancellation without permission.

Dolphin Cruise Reservation Center
Tel: 0969-33-1616