A journey to meet wild dolphins

Let's get on the boat to see wild dolphins

More than 200 dolphins

More than 200 dolphins live offshore, and you can see a group of wild dolphins throughout the year all seasons.
Enjoy the world TOP class experience with wild dolphins in Amakusa!


The `Once in life` experience with wild dolphins

The scenery in front of you is so beautiful as the best souvenir that you want to bring home from Amakusa.
"The tour fills your five senses" Local expert fishermen who know the sea of Amakusa will guide you with loving and caring.  Come and feel Beautiful Amakusa wild ocean life with your family and friends.

Dolphins` Life 
Dolphins enjoy every season of the year.  The baby dolphins show up with playful jumps in Spring. The strong sunlight in Summer deepens blue in water, and dolphins become so active. The autumn is dolphins` chill time with peaceful sunset. When big swells hit Amakusa in winter, they just love playing with the waves. After departure, it takes only 10 minutes to meet dolphins. Invite your friends and family for a journey to share beautiful world with dolphins!
Tsuji-shima where has been prosperous by submarine fishing, was elected as the one of `100 Japan`s tradditional villages.` Needless to say, it is so beautiful to be in the unity of the human and nature. The most common dolphin is the Minami bottlenose dolphin,live and raise their children around Tsuji-shima throughout the year.  There are about 200~300 dolphins, swimming in herds. We often see 50~200 dolphins all together. This dynamic scenery is well-known even in the world, and many visitors come to Tsuji-shima from all over the world yearly. We will make efforts so that dolphins and humans can coexist forever.
・Please check in at least 15 minutes in advance.
  ・ We depart from two people.
  In case of 1 person, we will guide the boat that is determined to depart.
  ・ Your pets are your precious family members! They are so welcomed on board!
  ・ In the case of light rain, we will depart but in case of high waves we will cancel.
   ・ We will provide you a raincoat if needed.
  ・ In the case of rough weather, we cancel departing for your safety.
    ・ Please be sure to wear a life jacket that we provide when you are on board.
  Boarding is possible from 0 years old.
  ・ Children under elementary school must be accompanied by a guardian.
  ・ Mobile phone, Camera, Video can be brought in.
  ・ We are not responsible for damage or loss of your belongings.
   ・ Pregnant women are okay to board.
・Please tell us your condition when you make a reservation.
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