Amakusa Dolphin Cruise Tourism

Dolpin Cruise

Amakusa Dolphin Cruise Tourism

Dolpin Cruise

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Price & Time

Reservation Customers

10% 0FF!!


When you make a reservation in advance
10% discount for reservation customers

Same day Reservation is available only on the phone.
Advance reservation Preferred   in case of over capavity.  

Departure Time  

Travel time is about 60min



・10:00 ・11:30




 ・13:00 ・14:30 ・16:00

 Please check in 15 minutes in advance

 ※ In the case of rough weather, we cancel departing for your safety. 

A journey to meet wild dolphins

The required time ia approx. 60 minutes
Embark on a touching heart adventure!

We secure the safety for children!

we offer you a life vest for each passenger for your safety.

Dolphins sre only 10 min. away

Amakusa wild dolphins are so friendly to local fisherman cruise gently.