Amakusa Dolphin Cruise Tourism

Dolpin Cruise

Amakusa Dolphin Cruise Tourism

Dolpin Cruise

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Let's go crusing to see wild dolphins !

Amakusa Dolphin Cruise Tourism


Amakusa is a home for more than 200 wild dolphins. The most common dolphin is the Bottlenose Dolphin. Throughout the year all seasons, you can see a group of wild dolphins off the coast of Hutae Port, Itsuwa. Local fishermen who know the sea of Amakusa will take you to meet wild dolphin families. Come and experience our Dolphin Cruising with your friends and family!

A journey to meet wild dolphins

The required time ia approx. 60 minutes
Embark on a touching heart adventure!

We secure the safety for children!

we offer you a life vest for each passenger for your safety.

Dolphins sre only 10 min. away

Amakusa wild dolphins are so friendly to local fisherman cruise gently.

Recommended trip plan

Fishing Pond+Dolphin Watching


All Fishing gears are included
 1h.Fishing Pond+1h.Dolphin Waching

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